HOWEVER, Bookish is happy to buy your lightly used books so you can add some new-to-you reads to your shelf 😀


Check out our policy BEFORE you come in

  • Store credit (sorry, no cash) will be issued in trade for your used books.
    The amount of credit issued will depend on a number of factors: format, condition, subject matter, presence or lack of a dust jacket, availability, and salability. Please bear in mind that excessive wear will always reduce the trade-in value of a book. That having been said, a book in "practically new" condition might have very little trade-in value due to the other above-mentioned factors.
  • Trade credit can be used to pay for one-half (1/2) the cost of your USED BOOK purchase, e.g. used book purchase is $12.00; you pay $6.00 in store credit, the other half (1/2) of the used book purchase price being paid in cash/check/charge. This is necessary to maintain cash flow for store operation and survival.
  • Trade credit may not be “cashed out” at any time. Accounts will be closed after two (2) years of inactivity.
  • Trade credit cannot be used to purchase new, rare, collectible, antiquarian, or signed books.
  • Trade credit cannot be used for special orders.
  • Credit will only be issued for books in "very good" or better condition.Please bring in only books that are in clean, readable condition with covers, pages, and spines intact. Books must not be water-damaged or smell of cigarette smoke or cat pee. Heavy underlining/highlighting or marginalia are undesirable. Mold, spiders, bugs, pet hair, and dirt are simply unacceptable. We will not evaluate books that could pose a hazard to the health of our staff or the quality of our inventory.
  • We do not accept ex-library books (with the exception of some scholarly or rare titles), modern or series romances (e.g. Silhouette or Harlequin), textbooks, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, encyclopedias, or outdated materials such as software manuals or travel guides.